Get maximum efficiency for your business

Propmap makes workforce management more efficient and painless, allowing managers, dispatchers, and fieldworkers to complete more work with higher quality.

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Get more done with the team that you have

Propmap fully optimises the job' life cycle efficiency from beginning to conclusion, giving you and your team maximum efficiency on site and in the office.


Everything you need in one place

A centralised platform which connects your fieldworkers, dispatchers, and office personnel in one location.

  • Dynamic Work Order list with real-time progress of work
  • Alerts for early problem intervention
  • Dashboards with insights for quicker and more impactful decisions
  • GPS Location Map
Workorder management and automatic dispatch
Office Efficiency

Boost office productivity

Reduce time spent on administration and simplify your processes, so you can get more done without all the stress.

  • Access all the information from anywhere to monitor progress and deal with issues
  • Improve cashflow with paperless workflows and same-day-billing
  • Easy to allocate jobs and make last minute changes
  • Less driving and more productive time
  • Auditable work history

Increase your site efficiency by 25%

Reduce valuable wasted time with clear information and process. Jobs completed more quickly and to a better standard.

  • Improve first time fix rates
  • Communicate vital work information
  • Get more work done with paperless workflows
  • Better quality of work with rule-based workflows
  • Work offline
Field work workflows with logic

What our customers say

"I need 15 minutes less to do boiler maintenance when using the app, which means I can do one extra job a day"

"We rely heavily on propmap. We now have data insights that are helping our company be more efficient and deliver more quality to our customers."


Here’s the good stuff

Here are some of the features that will help your day-to-day tasks.


Propmap provides visibility into performance against the metrics that drive profits and sustainable growth, helping managers in making the right decisions.

Dynamic Work Order List

Get full visibility from a single source of truth, together with real-time work progress. Issue notifications allow for quick response, preventing minor problems from becoming major ones.

Activity Stream

A historical record of every action taken on a Work Order, which means less time spent asking questions and gathering information if there is a problem in the future.

Appointment System

Visibility of your workforce's calendar, location, and job's on the map allows for more efficient dispatching, which means less driving and more productivity.

Paperless Workflows

Transform your paperwork into digital workflows, which means no more transcription of hand-filled forms, allowing for same-day billing.

Workflow Libraries

Give your fieldworkers intelligent workflows for different types of jobs, resulting in more productivity, better work standards and reduced risk.

Web, Android and IOS

All that is required is a computer and fieldworkers with mobile phones, making deployment quick and simple. Our mobile app also works offline, allowing work to be done in basements or remote locations.

Public API Integrations

We have an extensive list of public APIs, which allows you to connect propmap into most CRM, ERP or accounting systems.


Third party integrations

Integrations that improve your workflow and make your life easier. Export and import essential data to eliminate data entry and preserve account accuracy.

Get a 30-day free trial

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Get free access to all of propmap's features for 30 days, then decide whether it's right for your business.

• No payment details required
• Cancel anytime
• Free personalised training
• No implementation cost